Plage 1
Cycle I : Delusive complexion

... Lure of a protean beast... chattering teeth the poison of the instilled & insignificant murder - death as a show - dazed mob rushing at the clumsy executioner to free the torture victim ... Broken bones, ripped limbs ... On the cracked tongue & lust, expanded ... taken from a floor to another / Death as a transfiguration ... The shaking eyes of the goddess with her string of skulls.

Plage 2

Fruit of a consumed paralysis & Amok monkey who's brandishing a knife, pretends to kill to be absolut burned in the open / A soul thief, a determined subtleties - eater.

A dispossessed human machine suffering from withdrawal symptoms built in the most perfect opposition with the surrounding swamp / To flee .

The glaciation ... A vertigo to forget a little where we have fallen- A violent display of himself - This dream of a hand that can stop and any minute now a dream as we hope for it : simple but full of subdivisions / To know ...& yet nothing else is possible except what we have to think ... I wish the one would come , the one who will find the world that can't brush against any lips ... Any minutes now, I will fall in an indissoluble doubt ... Everything will be beyond me / To flee ?

From this informal toeing & froing there's no conclusion & no pneumatic wisdom ... How long will it still last ?

Every day , I get up & invited in front of the mirror ... While having an earnest desire to do it / Who could give it a name ? ... All that an earnest desire to do it / who could give it a name ? ... All that is ridiculous, i was there just now without knowing what to do & This is there books which drawing me my birth place / How long will it still last ?...& I close my eyes ... The rustle of the leaves is outside.

Plage 3

So every day, I get up & come back to the mirror / ... To fall silent at last ... & Yet ... " Don't go" ... " I don't go anywhere, I think !" / How long will is still last ...not to suffer from any kind of affront ... Am I here to tell myself that it's possible for me tomorrow not to wake up ?... Am I here to tell myself ?

Fire & flesh are false - The executioner went back to his position - The mob doesn't care about divine justice anymore .

Plage 4

I settle myself back at the foot of my bed / An unpronounceable & fluid syllable which crosses me death in suspense .

Laughs outside.

Plage 5

I don't think, collapse & i adopt the foetus position ... I don't have much time to live ... " Who told you this ?" ... " Something divides us do you know what it is ?" ... " No, I don't !"... So I decide I won't go in this particular corner of my bedroom anymore ... Even to watch myself naked, with this horrible disability between my legs ...This three handed things which dangles down... Ridiculous growth / Dunce's cap & punishment.

Plage 6
Cycle II : Burning Tongue

So inside me nothing came anymore ... The dull dilation of my arteries ... " Deliver me "... You will see this horrifying thing shown on my face / Cruelty mask.
The beasts are prowling... bitter night & will grab the loss of my weaknesses ... In face of the dying creature that she couldn't swallow ...

Plage 7

They didn't understand anything about flesh & I was decided to break the pact
"This cruelty mask"...

Plage 8

... In this compendium ... Read... " The one who never laments and desires " is dear to the heart of ... Ebola-monkey carries its heartbreak animalcules in the Saharan desert"
" come to me ! "- The master defying ... I went out & saw it ...

"Will I be still there tomorrow ?" / Sadness & melancholy

A pustular cascade ... Soren on the rocks ... Vague justifications ... The crime... A compulsive treason / The original sin

I sat myself... My legs feel ash, prostrated by the central aspiration ...I knew that something was tickling me under the tong ( encouraging me to talk ?)/ Fire

Slow conspiracy & some mouths spelling words in an unknown language ... " Time was come to us to call for him !" & " let him come to shower us with his tears" ... Until dusk " Think about this time , when you didn't exist at all !" / Atavistic idolatry

" Are these wax puppets my toys ?" ... So someone in the crowd answered him to it is & some guards beheaded him for the moment ...

the master with the elephant body & storms in the saharan desert ...scorpions with an axe tongue ... walking in the single line ...sucking the sap flowing down from the feel of the Ebola-Monkey, the latter recognisable by its mammary growth ...

- "Nothing is decided with out your raising the voice !" the frozen men proclaim...
-" Come to me !"/ Plastic suction

Revolting vision... Plump disciples full of come... Cloning eyes... Crackling tongue...

One night, I had this dream : ... "Who are you?"... "My own shadow"/"legibility, why?"... At first was the hermaphrodite... So the flash.
The birds flew from the shore to escape from the new-born babies appearance...

Plage 9

Lonely, knelt down the bench, in the park, tears came from my eyes... A fowl came to shit on me/"You are on our side!"

I came back everyday,& talked to them... Until the Demiurge get rid of them...
Caught by a racinian paralysis... The absence & loss of the balance notion / The hangman went back to work... seeing my fear, an angel wanted to leave his wings to me... Beaten up & the mob doesn't think about me... They won't free me...

I wanted to head for my mirror & cruelty mask... My face was nothing but the most sordid animality... I rushed for the window to howl to the mob my difference... As I noticed I had no more tongue...

Plage 10
Cycle III : Man-Machine

I was to close this strange compendium... Fixed mirror... This wall where I've climbed on to all the night / The astonishing disarray of the body its shrewd tongue that has just disappeared / I would have liked " He has not to do this " ... Nothing more was possible / Carnal torture & final stop... This simple nothing " Set me free " ... Pacify my burns / Flight ... Reached belly & great smile ...

Plage 11

Angel faces' beasts ... Near the door all the night ... I'm no longer the absolut spirit / Theatre of sordid illusions & prisonner of darkness / Complex machine & matter's union ... The metals fallen from the sky inhaling the vital saps & dream of the babylonian alchemy / Shady deal with the flesh & the life will pass away with my orgasm ... Ityphallicsculpture ... I am sure now : peace of the mirror /

Plage 12

Yantric symptoms & collusion of the body with the need ... play of a spirit ready to leave... Ebola-Monkey visited me ... I had to kneel, to implore its grace / " Nothing more is to hope" & " Won't be there tomorrow" / The spirit of the valley doesn't die, there resides the universe root subtle ans steady, it seems to last / Its fuctions never runs out ... " Holding a whisk... wanted to strike me ... Be-seeching him to make it hard ... But no mass anymore to implore him / The shady silence ... Abandonned me angels appeared to me " ." Are you holding the immortality mask ?" ... I cried fot the closed failure of the day / Twice etheric, I went out into the park to find the birds, I didn't learn anything from them. I was alone, dedicated to a certain death. Ebola-Monkey in the original night. I was alone, dedicated to a certain death. Ebola-Monkey in the original night . Aîn-soph... is calling for me ... This state before birth & deprived of oneself / reinstatement ... Unceasing mental flood & regain calmness ... Concealed exhaustion / Foetal position ... The room is talking to me ... Mustn't answer & the whole life will dir out this evening ... Embryonic dusk & reddening landscape... Cawing the marsh / The civilisation is regressing & disapearing in my soul. Body abstraction... "At the end of the times we will be all spirits, the matter will first resolve itself & then will be dashed ... Only the spirits will remain in the liquefying space " / Coniform space-time ...

Plage 13

I close my windows ... An eclipse is foreseen ... Prepare to rope & orgasm... Dead, I will penetrate the annihilated time ... Universe is diying out with me ...