Question Manson Legion : why did you choose this specific title for your new album, and what was it about lewis carrol's work that inspired you so much ?
Question Manson Legion : given all the complex guitar solos on the new album, who's gonna be your new guitar-player on tour ?


Question Manson Legion : you once said that antichrist superstar was and always will be a work in progress, do you think that with this new album the antichrist has grown up, lived in the world of men, and this once-antichrist now turned human has felt the most powerful feeling anyone can feel : love ?
can you tell us a bit more about phantasmagoria ?


if you could define your album in 3 words, what would they be ?
your musical identity seems to have changed, but what about your visual identity ?


what can you tell us about the upcoming single, "heart-shaped glasses" ?