W.A.S.P. WARRIORS is W.A.S.P. Official Fan-Club, born in 1992 as the French Fan-Club, turned European in 1995, and back to only French in 2007.
Why is that ?
Well, mainly because of Blackie's strange and quite hard-to-understand attitude towards his fans, that got worse and worse during the years... From very friendly 15 years ago, he has turned to almost hostile now... And this is a problem shared by many fans and webmasters all over the world...
So, we dont really see the point of keep on promoting a band (or at least a person) which shows such disrespect for his fans, who are the reason why he is where he is now... That's why the European version of the FanClub has been shut down, and this website will no longer be updated.
You can still browse through the archives of the site, with some cool stuff like exclusive interviews, rare lyrics, or comprehensive discography, but unfortunatly that's gonna be it.
However, because we're not the kind of people to throw away 15 years of work and dedication just like that, and because W.A.S.P. is nevertheless an excellent band, we're still gonna be running the French version of the FanClub, so, if you can read French, dont hesitate to check it out !
And if you're looking for great English-speaking W.A.S.P. websites, check the W.A.S.P. Army or the official W.A.S.P. Nation website.
It's been a long and fun ride with you guys, too bad it has to end like this, but sometimes things dont go exactly as planned, anyway, see you all on the road some time or another !



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